Standard Mapping - investigate a comprehensive set of acoustical parameters based on statistical acoustics

EASE offers a wide set of tools for electro-acoustic and acoustical investigations.

Among them is the Standard Mapping feature which allows a large number of simulations to be performed, based on the diffuse field assumptions of statistical acoustics. Standard Mapping makes use of Eyring or Sabine statistical formulas to generate RT figures that will be used to calculate some acoustical parameters, such as the STI (Speech Transmission Index) and the Total SPL. Measured RT data can also be used for this type of mapping.

All the following parameters can be mapped:

  • Direct SPL
  • Total SPL (Direct + Reverberant sound fields)
  • STI intelligibility measures (according to  IEC60268-16:2003)
  • D/R Ratio (Direct/Reverberant ratio)
  • RaSTI
  • Critical Distance
  • Clarity and Definition Measures (C7, C50, C80, CSplit)
  • Sound Pressure Levels (L7, L50, L80, LSplit)
  • Arrival Times
  • Loudspeaker Coverage Overlap
  • Loudspeaker Aiming
  • ITDG (Initial Time Delay Gap)
  • Articulation Loss (% AlCons)
  • Articulation Index
  • Privacy Index

The calculations can be performed not only for Audience Areas but also over all room surfaces and on specific Listener Seats, making it easy to detect potential problems and to analyze representative locations in great detail.

All calculation results are available in 1/3rd octave bands as well as in larger bandwidths. Data can be exported in both text and graphic formats.