Standard Mapping with Reflections – one more step towards advanced examinations

In addition to the ideal reverberant tail used for Standard Mapping, EASE is capable of computing room reflections with different Ray Tracing methods.  Both methods are combined in what we call Standard Mapping with Reflections.

In Standard Mapping with Reflections the undesirable result of that rigid back wall will be much clearer to your eyes!

  • Account for the arrival sequence of first-order reflections
  • Check the possible tonal coloration and comb filtering
  • Evaluate the effect on speech intelligibility

Confirm that those panel positions will yield the desired energy distribution!

Is there concentration of energy due to that rigid and concave surface? How much energy? Where?

All calculations available for the Standard Mapping can also be performed here:

  • Direct SPL
  • Total SPL
  • STI intelligibility measures (according to IEC60268-16:2003)
  • D/R Ratio
  • RaSTI
  • Critical Distance
  • C Measures (C7, C50, C80, CSplit)
  • Level Measures (L7, L50, L80, LSplit)
  • Arrival Times
  • Loudspeaker Coverage Overlap
  • Loudspeaker Aiming
  • ITDG
  • Articulation Loss (% AlCons)
  • Articulation Index
  • Privacy Index

This feature is typically used to estimate the consequence of first-order reflections.