Reverberation time calculations according to the classical Eyring and Sabine equations

One of the first calculations to be performed, after having completed the acoustical model building, is the reverberation time.

EASE can immediately display the calculated figures based on Eyring or Sabine formulas and use it for a number of related simulations. EASE' intuitive Optimize Reverberation Time tool helps to save valuable time, avoiding the need to experiment with different wall material on different surfaces to adapt the model to real-life requirements.

The designer is also free to either insert real-life measured reverberation times into EASE or to use advanced methods available for RT calculations.

Optimize RT, a personal assistant

Outstanding analysis tool included in all licensing versions of EASE.

  • Quickly predict the effect that the change of an acoustic material has on reverberation time and average absorption coefficient in a frequency dependent manner.
  • Set a target RT curve and explore different choices of materials to reach that goal.
  • Define a pool of materials and let EASE find the material that best matches a required absorption coefficient or RT.

Optimize RT is a huge time-saver whenever the reverberation time of the room is already known and the model has to be calibrated properly according to the available measurement data.

Measurement of Room Acoustics and Sound Systems

In addition to simulation tools as EASE, AFMG develops professional measurement software programs, which can be used to acquire real life reverberation times. This allows easy comparison between measurements and simulation.

Please refer to EASERA and Systune websites for more details about our measurement suites:

SysTune - Live Sound Measurement in Real Time

SysTune is the patented real-time measurement suite from AFMG. Fastest data acquisition, multiple channels, many valuable tools for fast on-the-spot system optimization and AFMG's patented RTD algorithms. - The RTD technologie is the only solution for real-time measurement of full-length impulse responses needed for reliable evaluation of room acounstics for example in an occupied auditorium during shows.

EASERA - Scientific Evaluation of Room Acoustics

Scientific measurement processing at its best! EASERA is the unrivaled platform for large-scale measurements with up to 32 channels and up to 192 kHz sampling rate for efficient work in large venues and in scale model measurements just the same. EASERA's power continues into the domain of data evaluation where a vast number of tools and processing options aid the professional acoustician.