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Meet AFMG® at the 57th USITT Stage Expo in St. Louis, USA, March 9 to 11.

2017-03-06 12:00

An acoustical model in EASE®
An acoustical model in EASE®

The USITT is an organization that looks to promote research and learning in the areas of theater design and technology. This year AFMG’s North American Team will be exhibiting at the USITT Stage Expo in St. Louis, MO, from March 9 to 11.

AFMG will present software tools to significantly enhance the performance of loudspeaker systems in theaters, multi-purpose rooms and concert venues. Our experts are there to showcase the latest advancements and answer your questions:

Learn more about simulation of room acoustics using our software EASE® or about sound system tuning with AFMG SysTune. Get to know our latest technology for beam-steering line arrays with FIR filters calculated by AFMG FIRmaker.

Feel invited to register for our Free Stage Expo Pass. We will be happy to welcome you at booth 2004!

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