AFMG Licensing System

With all our software we offer a very flexible and generous licensing system. All AFMG software comes with an international licensing server which provides many additional benefits to both single users as well as larger offices. The little trick which makes AFMG licenses so flexible is the so-called “User Key”, a little piece of data which is used to unlock the software you have installed on your PC.

Any AFMG software installation always consists of three parts that you need to install on your PC: 

1.)    The software installation itself.
2.)    The License Manager, which establishes the contact to our online license server.
3.)    And your “User Files” / “User Certificate” which identifies your individual license.

(In EASE, License Manager and User Files are one unit called “EASE Guard”)

With every EASE purchase we include EASE SpeakerLab, the software used to generate loudspeaker definition files called “GLLs”. EASE SpeakerLab uses a different License Manager called “AFMG License Manager”. This is a separate program and needs to be installed by itself. – Use the AFMG License Manager to download your User Key for EASE SpeakerLab after having installed the EASE SpeakerLab User Files.