EASE 5 Development

A major update to AFMG’s market-leading acoustical simulation software EASE® is under development.

The new software aims to deliver a modern graphical implementation of the main and editing modules, as well as more intuitive tools for room entry, sound system design, and room acoustics, on an unprecedented level of quality. The calculation modules (e.g. Eyes, AURA and EARS) that are currently part of EASE 4 will not be changed with EASE 5, but newly implemented in subsequent version upgrades.

Early Adopter version of EASE 5 under development.

As a decisive step in the converging development process, AFMG® released  the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program, providing access to the EASE 5 – Early Adopter software to a limited group of EASE 4 users. Through a dedicated portal they are able to give us direct feedback about the feature set under development and the software’s usability in their workflows. This way we can make sure to align the project’s priorities with the needs of our customers.

This new level of involvement with our customers meets our modern agile development process and helps us to find smart solutions for important recurring workflow steps, as well as provide innovative features going beyond conventional implementations.

Free Licenses for EASE 5

In order to offer our customers a smooth transition towards EASE 5, AFMG has been granting a free license of EASE 5 for every new license of EASE 4.4 since March 12, 2018. The version of the free EASE 5 license always corresponds to the EASE 4.4 version (EASE Standard/Junior).

  • New users currently have the opportunity to acquire EASE 4.4 and become eligible to receive EASE 5 for free.
  • Users who wish to extend their EASE 4.4 licenses with additional User Keys will receive a free EASE 5 license for each added User Key.
  • EASE 4.4 JR users have at the moment the unique chance to upgrade to EASE 4.4 Standard most cost-efficiently.
    • By upgrading an EASE 4.4 JR license purchased before March 12, 2018, they are also eligible for a free license of EASE 5 Standard.
    • By upgrading an EASE 4.4 JR license purchased after March 12, 2018, their existing free license for EASE 5 JR will be converted into an EASE 5 Standard license.
  • EASE 5 Standard licenses will include any AURA and EARS modules purchased with EASE 4!

All EASE 5 free licenses can be used as soon as the software is released. Any EASE 4 licenses can continue to be used in parallel with EASE 5. Thus, our customers will be able to migrate to the new version at their own pace and without affecting ongoing design projects.

EASE 5 Investment Opportunity

AFMG recommends that customers who intend to buy EASE should take the opportunity to purchase EASE 4.4 now, before the release of EASE 5. Current prices are significantly lower and a license for EASE 5 is already included.

Investments already made by EASE 4 users prior to March 12, 2018 will be honored by reduced prices for the upgrade to EASE 5 after its release.

EASE Price List

Current Price
EASE 5 Price Outlook
EASE JR 890 € 1.100 €
Reduced price in case of an existing EASE 4.x JR license1 - 590 €
EASE Standard 2.110 € 2.460 €
Reduced price in case of an existing EASE 4.x Standard license1,2
890 €
Upgrade EASE JR -> Standard 1.530 € 1.700 €
AURA Module4 1150 € 1150 €
EARS Module 660 € 690 €
InfraRed Module3 450 € -
EASE Standard + AURA 2.934 € 3.249 €
EASE Standard + AURA + EARS 3.528 € 3.870 €
All prices per User Key.

EASE 4.4 JR purchased after March 12, 2018 includes a free license for the next major release, EASE 5 JR.

EASE 4.4 Standard purchased after March 12, 2018 includes a free license for the next major release, EASE 5 Standard.
EASE 5 release prices are preliminary and may change in the future.

1If purchased before March 12, 2018.
2Includes any existing AURA or EARS modules purchased with EASE 4.
3InfraRed module will be discontinued in version 5. 
4Version 4 of the AURA Module.

All EASE 4 licenses are governed by the End User License Agreement (EULA) for EASE 4.