Add subjective evaluation to the process with your EARS!

Listen to the room before it is even built!

Auralization is the process of simulating and making audible the effects of playing a known reference sound, such as program material, through a defined loudspeaker system in a particular space. An invaluable tool for the acoustic consultant and sound system designer!

EARS is an extension module to EASE, from which you can add subjective impression to the design process with accurate auralizations. Orientation within the room can be provided to the listener both in standard binaural format as well as in Ambisonics B-Format for professional listening rooms. Additionally, EARS includes a number of tools to assist the designer in this task. For instance, with the integrated signal generator it is possible to produce noise signals that can then be mixed in the auralizations, such as Pink Noise, White Noise, Air Conditioning Noise, etc.

EARS includes mono and stereo convolvers and can perform auralizations either Off-Line (save to an audio file) or in Real Time!

Detect colorations, flutter echoes, spatial distortions, slap-back reflections and more from critical listening tests.

Last but not least, auralizations are convincing demonstration tools!