The EASE 5 Early Adopter Program

Welcome to the Early Adopter Program of EASE 5. This program represents another important step in the development of EASE 5. It highlights AFMG’s commitment to create a software solution that best meets the needs of our broad and diverse range of users.

AFMG started the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program in early December 2019. It was introduced to actively involve users and give them the chance to express how important certain features would be to their workflow. It also provides EASE 4 users the possibility to evaluate and to become familiar with the new approaches version 5 is going to come with.

Customers who have successfully registered for the Early Adopter Program will be given access to a time-limited license for the EASE 5 - Early Adopter software as well as access to the Early Adopter Feedback Board.
Early Adopter Feedback Board

Early Adopters are explicitly asked to provide us their feedback by becoming an active part of the Early Adopter Feedback Board and thus actively assist the development process. They have access to an exclusive forum for discussions between Early Adopters and AFMG about potential new features for EASE 5. As part of the feedback process, AFMG will launch dedicated surveys that address essential questions about topics of high relevance.

Software License for EASE 5 - Early Adopter Version

The Early Adopter Program includes a time-limited license of the EASE 5 - Early Adopter software. It is valid up to 6 months after the official release of EASE 5. Its software activation level corresponds with the existing EASE 4 license (Junior or Standard, AURA and/ or EARS module) that is currently owned.

Feature Scope of the EASE 5 - Early Adopter Software

The next major version of EASE will feature numerous innovations mainly aimed at more intuitive room entry. This encompasses a state-of-the-art rendering engine, new drawing tools, enhanced management of “holes”, and improved room volume calculation. It is also focused on the design of the sound-reinforcement system and the management of acoustic materials.
AFMG´s world-renowned acoustic calculation engine will still be integrated in EASE 5, ensuring that there are no compromises when it comes to the accuracy of results and performing advanced investigations.
The EASE 5 - Early Adopter version is a stable, fit-for-use version. Initially with only fundamental features in place, it allows you to work on simple small- to medium-size projects.
The Early Adopter version includes the following features from the start:
  • Input of the spatial geometry on the basis of imported drawings (2D) or free
  • Assignment of wall materials from an extensive catalogue
  • Entering Audience Areas
  • Entering Listener Seats
  • Placement and configuration of loudspeakers and line arrays (GLL format)
  • Acoustic calculations as with Room Mapping in EASE 4.4
  • Import of projects in EASE 4 format
The Software does not yet allow the following, among other things:
  • Input of digitally-controlled column loudspeakers
  • Reflection analysis via EASE raytracing (AURA mapping, AURA response are available)
  • Importing models created on other programs, such as AutoCAD and SketchUp


Towards the release of EASE 5 there will be ongoing updates that will gradually add features to a large extend based on the feedback of the Early Adopters.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirement for the installation of the Software is Windows 10 (64-Bit) or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64-Bit), and DirectX 11 Feature Level 10 or higher versions.

Conditions for the Early Adopter Program

Taking part in the Early Adopter Program for EASE 5 requires accepting the following provisions:
Confidentiality Note:
All materials and software provided within the EASE 5 EAP are confidential information. The user must not share or show in public the software or parts of the software, screenshots or documentation of the software. If EASE 5 – Early Adopter software is used for conducting a real acoustic design project the required communication and documentation are allowed.

Registration for the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program via AFMG Download Portal

Registrations for the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program open temporarily and for EASE 4 users only. You will find an info box in your Download Portal account that indicates whether the registrations are currently open. If that’s the case you can access an AFMG Online Store link to the “Registration for the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program”. Registrations close as soon as a defined number of users has been reached and will be reopened again at a later time. This way, the group of Early Adopters will grow gradually.
For EASE 5 Early Adopter Program registration we charge a handling fee of 100 EUR.
The opening of registrations will be announced via special newsletters to all subscribers of “AFMG News” who have selected “Special product offers” in their profile.
If you are subscribed already and want to check or update your profile you can also use that link above to enter your email address and country. You will receive a message stating that you are already subscribed, and a link to update your profile.