EASE SpeakerLab Features

Feature Overview

EASE SpeakerLab supports all features offered by AFMG's award-winning GLL data format for loudspeakers. Given below is an overview. Please browse through the pictures to get an impression of the remarkable powers of this format and the flexible implemenatation it has found in EASE SpeakerLab.

  • Create GLL loudspeaker modeling data for use in EASE, EASE Focus, EASE Evac, EASE Address and by AFMG FIRmaker.
  • Import impulse response and complex frequency response measurements from common measurement platforms such as EASERA, MLSSA or Monkey Forest.
  • Accurately model a line array with many elements or a loudspeaker with several transducers using magnitude and phase directional data in high resolution.
  • Display directivity map, polar graphs, off-axis transfer functions, or beamwidth graphs to view off-axis response.
  • Calculate loudspeaker response at any distance with or without air attenuation of high frequencies for any temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.
  • Apply DSP-style signal processing to individual sound sources and/or the entire loudspeaker system.
  • Embed multiple filter (crossover and/or EQ) options for a loudspeaker that the end-user can select while the exact filter details stay hidden inside the GLL, remaining inaccessible to the end-user.
  • Accurately model the different user settings for a loudspeaker system that yield different responses within the same GLL file.
  • Multiple input configurations to allow for single input (passive full-range operation) or multiple inputs (bi-, tri-, quad-amp operation).
  • Create and save GLL configurations that can be recalled later or sent to customers as recommended presets.
  • Calculate the maximum SPL (based on thermal limitations) for a multi-source GLL with different crossover filters and different input signal spectra.
  • Simulate behavior of multiple point source drivers to investigate optimum placement and crossovers even before a new prototype is actually built and measured. Add piston and line sources to your designs with SpeakerLab Pro.