EASE - Software Versions and Modules

AFMG offers two different versions of EASE and different modules for users to choose. Please have a look at the comparison below to determine which version and possibly which module is the right choice for your needs.

To get an overview of which calculation levels are offered by the different versions of EASE, we recommend that you have a look at this FAQ: Which quality levels of calculation does EASE offer?

Feature / Version EASE JR EASE Standard AURA Module* EARS Module* InfraRed Module**
Extensive databases
Loudspeaker and Wall Material

Complete set of modeling tools

Architectural Rendering Module

Import and Export
DXF and SKP drawing files

Reverberation Times
Eyring and Sabine

Standard Mappings
Based on Eyring or Sabine Reverberation Times: 
Direct SPL, %AlCons, STI, RaSTI, Pressure Level, Clarity Ratios, Total SPL, D/R Ratio, Critical Distance, Arrival Times, Loudspeaker Overlap, ITD (Initial Time Delay) Gap, Loudspeaker Aiming

Open GL Viewer

Direct Sound Auralization

Speaker Base, SpeakerLab and Material Base
Entry and creation of Loudspeaker and Wall Material data

Ray Tracing capabilities

Ray Tracing Movie module

Mapping on Room Surfaces

Local Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing Impacts
Local reflections study

Local Decay Times
Quick check RT at various spots in the room to verify Accuracy with Eyring and Sabine provided RT times

Mapping with Reflections

Acoustical Probe
Measurement microphone simulation:
Reflectograms (EFC/ETC displays), Waterfall displays, Pulse Directionality (hedgehog) displays, Schroeder Reverberation Times, Modular Transfer Function, STI Intelligibility Projections, Impulse Response files

Mirror Image
Ray Tracing routine

Feature / Version EASE JR EASE Standard AURA Module* EARS Module* InfraRed Module**
Hybrid Ray Tracing routines
Best approach for high quality calculations at reduced Time

Full multi-threading support
For high speed calculations of impulse responses

64-bit engine
AURA Mapping and AURA Response can use all RAM available on 64-bit computers

Calculations according to ISO 3382:
Early Decay Time (EDT), Reverberation Time (T10, T20, T30), Lateral Fraction (LF) & Lateral Fraction Coefficient (EFC), Clarity (C80), Definition (C50), Sound Strength, Center Time, Echo Criteria for Speech & Music, STI & Articulation Loss

LF and LFC
Lateral Fraction and Lateral Fraction Coefficient

Echograms and Histograms
For detailed investigation of impulse responses

Precise calculations
Consideration of Scattering coefficients

Response files in Ambisonics B-Format

Full Off-line and Real Time

Different noise signal generation

Mix diverse sources for auralization
E.g. to simulate effects of masking noises

Binaural Auralization

Infrared transmitter/modulator database

S/N investigation

Cable length effect

*  Can be combined only with EASE Standard.          ** Can be combined with EASE JR and EASE Standard.