We are a loudspeaker company. How can we add our data to EASE ?

Adding your data to the EASE® loudspeaker database is free of charge. It requires collecting selected loudspeaker performance data and converting it in a binary format.

Acoustic, electronic and mechanical data of the sound source must be assembled in a single data file, the so-called GLL. This GLL file can also include your logo and company information.

  • For the acoustic data, you must include sensitivity, maximum SPL and balloon measurements for each type of sound source. See this list of service providers if you don't have your own measurement setup.
  • Electronic data can be measured by you or by the companies above. For more information about the measurement techniques and about how to create GLLs on your own, please see this FAQ.
  • The mechanical data must include the dimensions and housing of each type of sound source.
  • Some of the companies listed above as a service provider offer to generate EASE® data files ready-to-go.
  • AFMG® offers creating EASE® data files from provided acoustic, electronic and mechanical data.
  • GLL files can also be used in other AFMG® modeling software, like EASE Evac.
  • GLLs are compiled using EASE SpeakerLab which ships with any copy of EASE 4.x and is also available as a standalone software package from AFMG®.

Loudspeaker companies can distribute their data files freely to their customers, via internet download or CD. When made available to AFMG®, the data will also be distributed by AFMG® through their website and with the software.

Last update on 01/04/20 by Pedro Lima.

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