How do I use my user keys with multiple computers?

In general, AFMG® grants to you the right to use the EASE® software program on a specific number of computers. This number corresponds to the number of User Keys you have purchased. More specifically, one User Key for EASE® can be used only by one user on one machine at any particular point of time.

The following rules need to be considered when EASE® is provided to different users within a company or to partners:

  • It is allowed to run EASE® in a virtual machine just like on a regular PC as long as the overall number of concurrently used software instances is within the number of purchased User Keys.
  • It is not allowed to run EASE® on the same PC simultaneously under different user accounts. For instance, on a company server with several log-ins.
  • It is not allowed to have at the same time a number of installed User Keys (or licensed EASE® instances) that exceeds the number of purchased User Keys.

AFMG’s flexible licensing system allows online transferring of a User Key from one machine to another. Nonetheless, we recommend the acquisition of one User Key for each user or workstation.

For more information about EASE’s licensing system, please refer to:

Last update on 01/04/20 by Pedro Lima.

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