This list contains additional information for your work with EASE and its modules.

EASE Tutorial


We recommend our EASE Tutorial for every user looking for a comprehensive introduction to EASE. An update of the tutorial to EASE 4.4 is currently in preparation. In the meantime, please use the version below. As an introduction, no substantial differences are to be expected.

Download EASE_4.3_Tutorial_English.pdf
Download ease_tutorial_deutsch.pdf

EASE 4.3 User's Guide & Tutorial. 

EASE SpeakerLab User’s Guide


The EASE SpeakerLab User’s Guide provides a comprehensive step-by-step explanation of all program features including practical examples and advices. It gives a detailed description of the different data formats and important measurement guidelines. This manual represents an important reference document for all SpeakerLab users and creators of GLLs. 

How to Update to EASE 4.4 From an Earlier Version


This step by step description will help you to upgrade to EASE 4.4 from an earlier version of EASE flawlessly.

How to Resolve EASE License Key Download Problems

This document helps licensing EASE if your computer does not have direct internet access or your security settings do not allow the direct download of the license key file

How to Handle SpeakerLab User Key Download and How to Resolve Issues

This document explains the download of User Keys via AFMG Licence Manager and the procedure in case your computer does not have direct internet access or your security settings do not allow the direct download of the User Key.

GLL Loudspeaker Data Format - White Paper


This White Paper gives an overview over the GLL concept - the new standard for measuring and storing loudspeaker performance data. For more information, please see also the line array section and check the references included in the paper.

EASE 4.0 Loudspeaker Device File Formats

This document contains all the information about how to import Loudspeaker data into EASE, in detail. It covers ASCII Import as well as the import of measured Impulse Responses. It also provides general information about the new Speaker DLL interface.

EASE 4.0 troubleshooting guide for 98/NT/2000/XP

This file contains information about the solution for different problems that may occur when running EASE 4.0. It includes steps to fix problems with hardware environment, video adapters and license issues.

Summary file of pretested graphics adapters

with OpenGL hardware acceleration: VideoAda.rtf
This file contains information about the EASE-OpenGl compliance of various graphics cards / display drivers. To use it in EASE 3.0.642 and newer versions, put it in the EASEPath directory.