Extensible and customizable database of acoustic materials

Once the room geometry is defined, the next step towards an acoustical simulation is the assignment of the surface materials.

EASE contains an extensible database with more than 700 different acoustic materials including commercial absorbers!

At any time you may create and add materials to the program catalog with the Wall Material Database module or modify existing data sets.

In EASE, acoustic materials are principally defined by a set of absorption and scattering coefficients, given in a 1/3rd octave resolution. These data can be imported or entered manually.

Additionally, the software packages AFMG SoundFlow and AFMG Reflex are fully compatible with EASE. They are able to generate new material files and to update existing ones with computed data for absorption coefficients or scattering coefficients, respectively.

AFMG SoundFlow is a simulation software for calculating the absorption, reflection and transmission of sound by multi-layer structures. Absorption coefficients generated by SoundFlow can be used in EASE.

AFMG SoundFlow website

AFMG Reflex is a two-dimensional acoustic simulation software to model the reflection, diffusion and scattering of a sound wave incident upon a defined geometrical structure. Scattering coefficients generated by Reflex can be used in EASE in combination with the EASE AURA module.

AFMG Reflex website