Built-in drawing module for construction of a 3D acoustical model

Using the EASE modeling tools an acoustical model can be built quickly. Closed rooms can be modeled in addition to open spaces, such as arenas and stadiums.

EASE includes well-known CAD program features as well as new, helpful resources:

  • Creation of vertices, lines, surfaces, groups and a number of object and room templates.
  • Editing and modification: Extrude, Displace, Zoom and Cursor functions, Move, Rotate, Duplicate, etc…
  • Symmetry and Mirroring: save modeling time by letting EASE do half of the job for you!
  • Automated functions for insertion of multiple items.
  • Tables for editing or comparing multiple items.

The room can be viewed and rendered in a number of different ways. This is particularly helpful when constructing more complicated room models.