Add your own loudspeakers to EASE using high class sound source modeling algorithms

EASE comprises the latest AFMG research on sound source modeling with the award-winning GLL (Generic Loudspeaker Library) high resolution data file format.

With the GLL it is possible not only to define the electro-acoustic properties of the sound source such as sensitivity and directional transfer functions down to the level of individual transducers. But it is also possible to describe its mechanical characteristics, include splay angles for line array configurations, transformers for high-impedance applications, insert virtual or measured filters and set different loudspeaker models and input configurations.

If all the current loudspeaker models are not enough, you can always add your own data to the program in a high resolution format! The SpeakerLab creation module is shipping with all versions of EASE.

Other data formats, such as DLL and SPK, are also available. The DLL allows integration of proprietary algorithms and of a customized user interface by loudspeaker manufacturers.

EASE can also import various third-party loudspeaker data formats. Please refer to the documentation for more details.