Which quality levels of calculation does EASE offer?

In order to assess if a project can be simulated adequately based on the project's characteristics it is immanent to know about the different calculation levels offered within the EASE family of products.

  1. EASE is available in two different versions with three optional modules. We offer different versions and modules to suit different types of projects and to offer the software at different price levels. Apart from this, EASE JR, EASE Standard, and the modules AURA, EARS, and InfraRed together form one native family fully integrated with one-another.
  2. The acoustical calculations able to be performed with EASE differ in three quality levels:
    1. EASE JR offers only statistical calculation of reverberation.
      EASE JR should only be used to simulate rooms in which an even distribution of reverberation can be expected. Prediction of direct sound is fully possible with EASE JR.
      EASE JR does not simulate impulse responses.
    2. EASE Standard adds raytracing and mirror source calculation methods.
      EASE Standard provides an intermediate level of calculations. It should mainly be employed for investigations within the early part of the impulse response. Typically, simulation of impulse responses is limited according to different parameters within EASE Standard in order to keep calculation time in acceptable ranges.
    3. EASE Standard + AURA offers the highest quality of calculations.
      AURA adds multi-threaded calculations and supports diffuse reflections. This allows calculating impulse responses in full length and with a much higher, realistic density.
  3. AFMG absolutely recommends the use of the AURA module for any project of a complex 3D shape and/or of large volume and/or with a long reverberation time to be expected. The precise prediction of STI or any other parameter based on reverberation time in such a project is only possible using AURA. This is especially true for outdoor projects.

As with any simulation tool, the key to a relevant result is the understanding of program and theory and the correct entry of data by the user.

Last update on 27/07/15 by Thilo Schütz.

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